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Corvidae Craftworks offers an unpredictable assortment of art and crafts across various media. Led by dopamine and hyperfocus, there's no telling where the art experiments will go next or how many dimensions they might have. Probably at least two. Five might be unlikely though.

Sustainable Packaging

  Almost all items are packaged in recyclable paper, and biodegradeable cellophane which can be composted. Most items come in packaging that can be kept and used for safe storage of the items, but are easy to break down if unwanted. The few item styles packaged with some form of plastic will disclaim such in their descriptions.


The "Upcycled" tier of items is specifically created with items, or parts of items, that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill, an ocean, or stuck somewhere else not degrading. By repurposing broken, outdated, or otherwise unwanted items, material is pulled from the waste stream and would-be pollution is given a little more use.


Well-made metal alloys and other potential allergens are perfectly safe for many people, but they may cause reactions in some. Each item description lists the materials used and any known possible allergens such as nickel, so customers with allergies and sensitivities can be sure a piece is safe for them.

All metals used in Luxury tier or above are always 100% hypoallergenic aluminum, stainless steel, or better, such as niobium, and have absolutely no alloys containing nickel. Silver is not available at this time.


While all Corvidae Craftworks pieces are of quality, the collections are tiered so you know at a glance the extent of quality and purity you are getting in each piece. 


Bargain Bin/Stash Buster - made with materials from gifted supplies, old stashes, or missing their labels. These are usually sold at a steep discount because potential allergens cannot be disclaimed.

Standard & Upcycled lines - made with primarily alloy metals and/or repurposed materials

Deluxe collection - made with primarily hypoallergenic metals, such as aluminum or stainless steel, but may still use some alloy metal or repurposed materials

Luxury collection - made with 100% hypoallergenic metals, with no alloys or repurposed materials present

High Luxury collection - made with 100% hypoallergenic metals, primarily fine luxury metals such as niobium